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night photoshoot in mechelen belgium

Press Kit

Genre: House, Tropical House, Disco House, Funk Location: Belgium, Mechelen

Age: 17


Straight from Mechelen, Belgium, DJ Billy-jay is a master of ceremony serving a fusion of vintage classics and contemporary beats. Embark on a journey of feelgood moments as his music transports you to a world where different styles come together. Billy-jay effortlessly merges the grooviness of Disco, the soulfulness of Funk, and the infectious pulse of House, leaving you crave and rave for more!

Despite his tender age, Billy-jay has already achieved remarkable milestones in his career. He has graced the decks of renowned venues, including the prestigious Ikon Antwerp Club, where he has left crowds captivated with his dynamic DJ sets. Sharing the stage with industry heavyweights such as Buscemi, Robert Abigail, and Fatia, he has demonstrated his ability to hold his own among seasoned professionals.

Whether it's his high-energy house compositions or his tropical-infused beats that transport you to sun-soaked beaches, each track is a testament to his creative vision and impeccable production skills.


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